Roofing Products

Ubbink has been active in the UK since 1976 and as our company logo suggests, we specialise in roofing products. We are recognised as a manufacturer of sustainable, high performance and often universal roofing products, specifically non-lead flashing, plastic roof ventilation products and accessories, which are extremely easy to handle and install.

During the last four years, Ubbink have added to the roofing accessories portfolio with expanding product lines, redeveloping the existing range and introducing new innovative ideas suitable to meet market demands. Which included new hooded profile vents/terminals, inline vents, roofline ventilation and flat roof terminals for specific single ply membranes. All new products or improvements comply with UK Building Regulations and British Standards, which have been revised/improved over the years to meet the exacting demands needed within the building industry.

If you would like to receive more information about our roofing products, please contact us.
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