UB30 Water Expansion pipes


The UB30 WEP's are pre-shaped flashing units to suit a variety of profiles. A practical and aesthetically pleasing method for penetrating a pitched roof covering with horizontal pipework or cabling. This WEP system eliminates the need for installing lead flashings around pipe exit points, as well as the need to cut any of the surrounding tiles or slates.


Profile Terracotta Anthracite Sepia
Ludlow Major (MLM) 20179041 20193508 20179034
Regent (NER) 20179285 20193577  
Mini Stonewold (MST)   20193199  
Renown (RS) 20193255 20193254 20193256
Mendip (MEN) 20193261 20193285 20193278
Ludlow Plus/49's (GSA)   20193319 20193302
Wessex (WS)   20193436 20193429
Modern (MD) 20193443 20193467 20193450
Double Roman (FR/A) 20193515 20193539 20193522
Slate 600mm x 300mm (N)   20193632  



UB30 Double Roman WEP Datasheet
UB30 Ludlow Major WEP Datasheet
UB30 Ludlow Plus/49's WEP Datasheet
UB30 Mendip WEP Datasheet
UB30 Mini Stonewold WEP Datasheet
UB30 Modern WEP Datasheet
UB30 Regent WEP Datasheet
UB30 Renown WEP Datasheet
UB30 Slate WEP Datasheet
UB30 Wessex WEP Datasheet

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