Air Excellent Semi Rigid Ductwork

Air distribution systems using semi-rigid ductwork are now recognised in the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) calculations via Appendix Q and listed in the  Product Characteristics Database (PCDB). They differ from traditional air distribution systems using rigid and flexible ductwork by their radial design. Air is extracted and supplied using distribution boxes and semi-rigid duct runs, which run directly to the wet or habitable rooms.
Ubbink has a wide range of semi-rigid ductwork, branded Air Excellent, which satisfies the guidelines set out in the Domestic Ventilation Compliance guide. The Air Excellent semi-rigid ductwork range includes two semi-rigid ducts with circular cross section and two semi-rigid ducts with semi-circular cross section and associated accessories, which can be combined to satisfy most needs, including screed floors:

  • AE34C (75/63mm)
  • AE48C (90/75mm)
  • AE35SC (100x55mm)
  • AE55SC (130x60mm)
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