Airtight rigid ventilation ductwork

Much attention has been paid to the energy efficiency of mechanical ventilation systems and considerable improvements in fan and heat exhanger technology have been achieved. The next step is the ventilation ductwork because high pressure loss and air leakage in air distribution systems means that ventilation units will have to work harder than is necessary to ensure that enough air is extracted from the wet rooms and supplied to the habitable rooms, which will waste energy and may cause noise hindrance. More energy may also be wasted either heating or cooling the extra air supplied to the dwelling.
Ubbink has risen to the challenge by developing its Airtight rigid ventilation ductwork. Not only is this system air tight by definition, it is also much easier and quicker to install because it uses mechanically sealed connections, which can be connected in seconds without using tapes or sealants. Don't believe us? Test it!
USP’s of Ubbink’s Airtight rigid ventilation ductwork:

  • Very easy and quick assembly        
  • Mechanical connections mean no tape or sealants and consistent quality
  • Extremely air tight (Class D EN 12237), which saves energy and minimizes noise hindrance 

Please contact us if you would like to receive more information Ubbink’s Tubpla® Airtight rigid ventilation ductwork.

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