UB19 Plain Tile


Ubbink's UB19 is a streamlined hood suitable for plain tiled (overall dimension 500mm x 640mm) roof covering and is available in 3 colours.

The UB19 unit has a free vent area of 22,000mm².

For the UB19 vent to be converted into a terminal for soil/mechanical ventilation add a felt sleeve and adaptor.
Product Code Product Description
100152291573 Plain tile 500 x 460 UB19 Anthracite
100152291575 Plain tile 500 x 460 UB19 Sepia
100152291577 Plain tile 500 x 460 UB19 Red
50544180 Felt sleeve and adaptor



Felt sleeve and adaptor datasheet
UB19 Plain Tile Unit Datasheet

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