Ubiflux MVHR Units

Balanced ventilation with heat recovery

With balanced ventilation you have comfort and healthy air in your home all year round. After all, it is nice to always have enough pure, fresh air in the house. The Ubiflux ensures that the indoor air is constantly refreshed. The amount of air that is discharged is equal to the amount that comes in. Ubiflux transfers the heat from the outgoing air to the fresh, cool outside air with an efficiency of up to 92%.

The heat exchanger

The cold, fresh outside air is sucked in and sent through the heat exchanger where the heat exchange takes place with a high efficiency. This heated air is sent via ductwork to the living spaces such as living room, office, bedrooms, etc. At the same time, a second fan draws in the polluted air, coming from the wet rooms such as kitchen, bathroom, toilets, utility rooms, etc. in countercurrent through the heat exchanger. The air flows do not come into contact with each other.

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